Hello…it’s me

Well here goes, a start into the world of blogging. I have been inspired and helped so much over the last few years reading the blogs of some truly hilarious and wonderful women and thought that it was perhaps time to give it a whirl myself. 

I am a Glasgow Mum of two boys – R is 5 and H is our new addition at just 12 weeks old. They are amazing but I am wholly outnumbered now and the house is positively overrun with macho behaviour!  

We recently bought and moved into a new home and after years of renting I have now added interior design to the list of obsessions I have! So be warned, there will be many a chat about colour swatches as well as food, knitting, make up and of course all things to do with parenting two little terrors.

This blog is going to be a little bit of therapy for me really, a place to scribble the ridiculous thoughts that dart about my busy brain…usually at 4am when H and I are hanging out on the sofa in the Wide Awake Club. So I hope you (whoever you may be if I’m lucky enough to get some readers..) enjoy!

Katie x


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